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Amanda Bøg was raised in a home surrounded by creative family members and friends. Yet she feels most at home when she’s alone on stage with her guitar. 


Amanda Bøg, who lived most of her life in the Danish city Aarhus, is a musician and singer songwriter who takes inspiration from some of the greatest story tellers we know. Her personal stories are backed up by heavy, gritty drums, dense vocal harmonies and mellow chords that invite the listener to get close to Amanda’s most inner feelings and deepest thoughts. In her musical world raw emotions are served with no filter and with Amanda Bøgs tender voice at the center of it all.


Amanda Bøg participated in the talent show Live on national television and she has played numerous solo concerts in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.


Amanda Bøg will release her debut album ‘Med hensyn til dig’ in November 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment. 

Photo: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

"»With her presence, the impressive power of her voice and her contemplative songs, Amanda Bøg has shown that she is one of the biggest talents of her generation«"

Danish Broadcasting Service  (DK)