Foto: Thit M. B

Short stories, fairy tales, and mellow songs for contemplation are some of the words Chris Frank Jr. would use to describe his music. Words and atmospheres are the core elements to his song writing, and his timeless musicality will take you through a range of sceneries from the deserts of California to the vibrant streets of Copenhagen.


The songs mix light guitar themes and piano with full-bodied synths and tight drums, and the same contrasts can be found in Chris Frank Jr.’s vocal style. He will be belting out high notes one minute and whispering the next. Both ways Chris Frank Jr. manages to tell engaging stories to his audience.


Behind his name lies the story of Chris Frank Jr.s’ grandfather’s friendship with no less than Frank Sinatra, and it becomes clear when listening to his music that not only his name draws on inspiration from some of the biggest singer songwriters in history. His musical style is classic and clear and poetic storytelling is quintessential to all of his songs.


Foto: Thit M. B


"He blends melodies and lyrics in a way that feels so warm, so honest, and grabs a hold of us with a subtle and soft touch"

– Wolf in a Suit (US)