Elisha does not care for modesty, being underground or holding back in any way – he simply wants to be the king of pop. And the ambitious singer has already taken the first important steps on the way to the throne.


His debut single ‘All Night’ was named track of the week by the Danish radio station P3, his EP ‘Remedy’ was praised by the Danish music press, and his performance on SPOT Festival was handpicked by KEXP as one of the best performances they saw. 


Elisha was born and raised in Congo, but had to flee from war as a teenager. He is now in the beginning of his 20’s, writing glittery pop and r’n’b songs reminiscing icons like Bruno Mars and Prince with their enormous amount of showmanship and musicality.


The productions are at once laid back and striving forward, and nothing is left to chance when Elisha’s expressive tenor voice sings snappy harmonies and songs of love, life and youthful chaos.


"While Denmark’s Elisha’s studio recordings are brimming with pristine production and delectable pop flourishes, his live sets transform the R&B singer’s work into a visceral, raw, and incredibly fun affair"

 – KEXP (US)

"Elisha’s voice is interesting and androgynous and possesses many nuances"

– Bands of Tomorrow (DK)


"Genre wise it is a mix of modern r’n’b, soul and hip hop with Elisha’s strong vocals in the front – a vocal that seems to be able to do everything, being silky soft and raw at the same time"