Photo: Thit M. Berthou

There are songs that, with a simple chord or a specific guitar effect, can send you back into your tormented teenage body with emotions all over the place, weltschmerz and rock star dreams. Ethics writes that kind of songs.


Behind the dark-sounding name are Casper Blond and Mathias Risager, who have known each other since high school, and together they have built a musical universe carried by guitar, gritty effects and sonorous atmospheres from the past. Post punk, 90s and flashy emo tendencies haunt their songs and are accompanied by electronic, drum'n'bass-like elements.


Ethics masters the delicate art of balancing the raw and the outrageous with the recognizable, and in their music, a rattling distortion guitar is accompanied by elegant melodies and almost pop hooks. The lyrics are based on the rootlessness that can strike in the mid-20s, but the personal stories give the listener space to form their own perception and images - whether it’s a 00s teenage room or a 2-room apartment in Copenhagen.

Ethics released their debut EP ‘Kiss Forever’ in May 2021. 

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Photo: Sofi Hellberg Olsson.


Ethics skaber et larmende univers med fuld smæk på guitareffekterne, der minder lytteren om 90’er-rock og emo-tendenser.

Bands of Tomorrow (DK)


Det er shoegaze, det er dæmpet vokal, hvor guitarerne er i front og bringer nummeret frem, det er Psyched Up Janis, The Jesus and Mary Chain, og det er harmonisk uden at være kedeligt.

Undertoner (DK)


W.A.S. Entertainment fortsætter med at spytte friske navne ud, og med denne debutsingle fra rockduoen Ethics står den på godt med emo-klingende støjrock.


Soundvenue (DK)