Photo: Cathrine Brix

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Photo: Cathrine Brix

Greta Schenk was born in the 90’s, but one could easily be convinced that she was born decades before that. Her glamorous pop songs are dripping with nostalgia, and GRETA’s sonic universe brings a plentitude of synthesizers, heavy electronic drums and sophisticated musical compositions.


Greta who was born in northern Germany lives in Copenhagen and she makes beautiful melodic songs inspired by classic pop heroes like ABBA and Kate Bush. The lyrics are rooted in Greta's own thoughts and they revolve around things that are both close to home and unexplainable and abstract. She sings songs about relationships, life, death, human existence and change.


GRETA’s debut album ‘Ardent Springs’ received praise from both Danish and international media such as Politiken, Soundvenue and Gaffa. She performed at Gaffa Awards 2021 on national television, she has received a nomination for the critics award Steppeulven in the category ‘Hope of the Year’ and she took part in Roskilde Festivals’ series of online concerts in February 2021.


GRETA played at the Roskilde Festival curated Summer Days Festival in June 2021 and received a six star review from Soundvenue (DK).


"GRETA is spelled in capital letters, and there’s a good reason for that. ‘Cause her name will cement itself on the Danish dream pop scene and be remembered for a long time. GRETA really knows how to make 80’s inspired, dusty and challenging pop arrangements"



Greta osede af coolness, overskud og overblik, som hun fremførte de mest festlige tracks fra diskografien. Og så tog hun godt nok fusen på os alle ved at slutte med at transformere Dyrskuepladsen til et berlinsk natklubrave.

Soundvenue (DK)


"GRETA magically creates delightful compositions which have the lightness of a snowflake but, at the same time, they catch one’s attention and hypnotise the listener. Every song is so complex and brings so many extraordinary sounds and elements that all potential distractions simply disappear"

GoodbecauseDanish (DK/UK)