Pop is a place where Junior Browns puts into words what is usually hard to say out loud. The effortlessly cool musician would normally hold back his emotions, but in his songs heartbreak and melancholy are set free. His songs are catchy pop tunes to dance and cry your heart out to, written in his native language Danish. 


Junior Brown was born in Jamaica, he grew up in Odense and now lives in Copenhagen, where he has been chasing a career in music. He received lots of attention when he made a cover of Danish singer Szhirley’s 00’s hit ‘Gammel Kongevej’. Szhirley herself was so excited about the cover that the two of them recorded it as a duet shortly after.


Junior Brown is as strong a songwriter as he is a performer and his simple lyrics capture emotions with great sensitivity. His songs are quiet anthems for night time, for emotional hangovers and for the momentary glimpses of happiness and euphoria that make everything seem a little brighter.

On May 14 Junior Brown will release his second single ‘Som Det Var’. His next single 'debut-EP is set to be released in fall 21.

Foto: Sofi Hellberg Olsson