Foto: Thit M. B

The 27 year old singer songwriter Signe Rønsov has managed to create a very special space with her music. It is a space that allows her to speak openly about her deepest insecurities and frustrations and gain emancipation through the uplifting power of a pop chorus. 


Kamma’s alt pop is filled with curious observations and reflections on the emotions that take up space inside her. Among those are grief, self doubt, love and euphoria and they all become part of Kamma’s journey towards inner strength and peace of mind. 


In Kammas music beauty and romance is paired with darkness and pain, and the majestic pop arrangements are equally filled with contrasts; Kammas tender vocals lie softly over deep, sharp instrumentals, disclosing her love for rock’s aesthetics. Furthermore her debut EP was co-written and produced by Danish rock musician Sugne Rose Wagner known for his projects Psyched Up Janis and The Raveonettes. 


Kammas heavy hearted pop songs have gained lots of attention from the Danish press and received airplay on Danish radio stations.


In 2020 Kamma appeared on the christmas single ‘This Time of Year (Wake Me Up When December Ends)’ which ended up being named one of the best songs of the year by Danish Soundvenue. Her single ‘Drowning’ was also featured on Soundvenue’s top tracks list, and they named her song 'Heartbroken' one of the best songs of 2021.

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Foto: Sofi Helberg Olsson


"Kamma’s music is filled with harmonic kompositions and honest lyrics about being a young, sensitive woman. In her songs an intense sensitivity comes together to uncover what lies beneath her mask and seemingly strong facade"

– DR Karrierekanonen (DK)

"Through Kamma’s music we delve into a stormful sea of emotions and concepts like grief, honesty and fragility. With her delicate compositions and brutally honest lyrics Kamma tells the story of how she experiences being a young woman"

– Bands of Tomorrow (DK)


"Yet Another Girl’ contains well balanced kompositions reminiscing the works of the New Zealand singer Lorde"

– Soundvenue (DK)