Kejser adds drama and extravaganza to your life.


With titles like ‘Discokugler og balloner’ (Disco balls and balloons) and ‘Alt i lys’ (All light) Kejser has already given you a pretty good idea of how his picturesque pop universe sounds. What is normally grey and dull becomes grand and colorful in his music. The Danish singer songwriter makes pop songs about loneliness, yearning and love with iconic musical idols like David Bowie and Frank Ocean.


Behind the name Kejser you find Nicklas Kristoffersen, born in the Danish town Frederikssund and now living in Copenhagen. He spent most of his early years playing metal and inderock, but he has now settled with pop music. It’s important for Kejser to make music that touches the listener, and his lyrics are lifted up by pop’s bright and playful aesthetics.


Kejser will release his debut EP ‘Misser’ through W.A.S. Entertainment on June 29th 2021. 

Foto: Sofi Hellberg Olsson