Foto: Thit M. B

»Jeg tænder på en drøm, venter på mine hænder gør noget«, August Otto Sandfær sings on the single ‘Drøm’. It translates into: »I’m hooked on a dream, waiting for my hands to do something«, and it perfectly captures the restlessness and trembling energy that characterize his music. 


Mørkeblødt is August Sandfærs solo project, that tries to process and reflect on the chaotic early years of adulthood through strong Danish lyrics and 80’s synth pop. Dread for the future, heartbreak and existential questions are dealt with in Mørkeblødt’s pop songs and August’s deep voice works as a charismatic storyteller. 


The guitar has been August’s primary outlet for his musicality most of his life, but as Mørkeblødt he explores new synthetic, electronic worlds that emerge with the computer as the main instrument. The end result is a blend of warm synthesizers, heavy 808’s, and tight drum beats to create the release needed when your mind runs in circles.


Mørkeblødt’s debut single ‘Drøm’ was featured on Danish Soundvenue’s top track list, when it was released in november 2020.

Mørkeblødt presse (kreditering_ Thit M.

Foto: Thit M. B


"He makes interesting Danish lyrics with glitchy drums and synthesizers. With Mørkeblødt, you get insights to a stream of millennial thoughts that showcase both introverted and chaotic sides to the artist"

Bands of Tomorrow (DK)