Angry and sweet “girlcrush” releases debut EP

Queer-feminist girlcrush writes lyrics about sexism, emotional violence, anxiety, anger and powerlessness. On November 20, 2020, the band will release their self-titled debut EP.

Photo: W.A.S. Entertainment.

Pop-punks girlcrush have come together around a common vision: to change people's perceptions of gender, body ideals and sexuality with charm, strong attitudes and honest, forthright songs.

Like any other legendary band, Nat, Andrea and Marie found each other through a post in the Facebook group ‘Indolent Feminists'. Here, Nat was searching for members for a new project with a small disclaimer: "I can play a little guitar and piano and sing relatively badly, but sufficiently."

Although no one had actually played an instrument before, Andrea and Marie jumped on the bandwagon. The original ambition was just to enjoy playing a covers of e.g. The Cure’s: “Boys Don’t Cry,” but as the interplay, friendship, and love for the project grew, the ambitions grew as well. And despite both skepticism and mansplaining from their circle of music-interested acquaintances (because "you can't call yourself a band when you have hardly learned to play on an instrument"), they were soon booked at Roskilde Festival without having released any music yet (!).

What they didn't have in musical experience, they compensated for in their ability to write uncomplicated and catchy pop songs - filled to the brim with opinions, attitude and love. Now they are ready with their debut EP, 'girlcrush', which with the band's characteristic honesty and charm shines through with lyrics that are both angry and sweet; raw and infectious.

On November 20, 2020, the debut EP "girlcrush" is out and on October 9, the single 'I'm Easy' will be released via W.A.S. Entertainment.