aomame: »Basically the music makes us talk about how we feel«

The Japanese word “aomame” means “green pea” and it reflects the feeling of being new and inexperienced at life. That feeling is no stranger to the siblings August and Clara, but they had never been each other’s confidants when it came to talking about this feeling – until they began making music together. With their music, they invite one another and all of us inside their informal everyday universe with cartoon drama and midnight nostalgia.

Everyone who has siblings themselves probably knows the feeling of being completely annoyed by a rude younger sibling or a know-it-all older sibling. For August and Clara it was exactly like that. They have a classic brother-sister dynamic with Clara as the outgoing and energetic little sister with natural leader skills, and August as the more calm, introverted and emphatic big brother. They have been affected by this dynamic since childhood – for better or worse.

But in their early adult life where everything around them was torn apart, August and Clara found each other on a common ground; the music. This was the beginning of aomame.

“Basically the music makes us talk about how we feel, because sometimes it’s not until during the process of writing the songs we realize what they really mean. Asking each other: ‘what is this song really about’, is very important. Sometimes you’re just so busy with yourself that you forget to check up on each other”.

“I mean, we probably wouldn’t be in touch everyday, if it wasn’t for the music. The music is indispensable and really ties us together. The fact that we share this project forces us to actually catch up with one another – both with the practical stuff but also how both of us are doing”.

August and Clara have always had very different tempers. Clara loves to be surrounded by people all the time, August is quite the opposite; he needs time alone to be able to retreat into himself. Their differences have often been challenging in the context of family and therefore aomame is very important to the siblings and makes it possible for them to work together despite their differences. The project creates a space for them to be who they are and at the same time they can share the thoughts that emerge from their separate writing process with each other.

“The best thing about working with Clara is that we create something, we create complete songs and the music suddenly makes sense. It’s really awesome that Clara gives me so much space to do the things I do best and have a say in. She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind but she never tries to control me”, August explains.

“We are always really optimistic towards each other. I would probably never have released any music if it wasn’t for August. If he wasn’t able to see the potential in my writing and didn’t express his desire to further develop my lyrics. My musical motivation is encouraged by how August greets me with his positive energy”, Clara says.

With aomame August and Clara have become very close and they have figured out how cool it is to have a close relation to someone who is so close to oneself, because you are raised under the same roof. That kind of connection isn’t something you have with a lot of people, and it is a waste not to take advantage of everything about it.

aomame’s next single ‘sorrygirl’ is released on October 8th via W.A.S. Entertainment.