aomame on ‘sorrygirl’

aomame is releasing a dusty lo-fi pop banger to frame the beginning of the fall. ‘sorrygirl’ is about suddenly realizing that a close friend, for a long time, haven’t been doing well, without you even noticing it. In this interview, you can read all about the single which is releasing on October 8th.

What has inspired you to write this track?

Clara: »I realized that a friend of mine who I’ve known for more than 10 years, has been doing really badly in a period of time where I spend a lot of time with her. It’s not until now I’ve realized how bad it has been. When I suddenly realized that she went through a difficult time and went through it all alone, I was really shocked. Shocked that I haven’t seen it, asked her how she was doing and especially that it took me 12 years to understand. One night I was biking home across a bridge in Copenhagen, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, about my guilty conscience, the worries and the urge to change and not be so self centered. That’s when the line “girl tell me what’s really on your mind, sorry that I sometimes come off blind” came into mind. In the middle of the bridge, I grabbed my phone from my pocket with one hand and steered the bike with the other, while I recorded the line on my phone«.

What do you hope the listener will gain from the track?

Clara: »I hope that the listener will consider if they have any friends who deserve a little extra attention. If they should ask about the “demons”, we all have inside, or just take the whole gang on a walk somewhere. It’s especially important to ask about the past, about loss, hard times, joy, love ect., because that can really affect you even though it’s not recent experiences, it can still take up a lot of space«.

How is this song connected to your forthcoming EP?

Clara: »The song is very simply constructed. One verse and a few choruses with different lyrics. The process of creating the song was quite intuitive, I wrote the first part of the chorus in about 20 minutes. The track is informal, but sincere and reflective«.

August: »The songs on the EP all revolve around the topic of apologies. Apologies to one self, a younger self and as in ‘sorrygirl’ also apologies to those who have been affected by you being self centered and absent-minded«.

How does aomame’s visual universe relate to ‘sorrygirl’?

Clara: »The visual universe of the song reflects this demon who always follows you. And the reason why I felt that the motive with the kind devil was right, probably originates from the girl and I having some features in common. She appears in all of the songs I’ve written and I also have a tattoo with a similar motive. I really love the idea of the cute demon/devil and I use this mindset to cope with my dark sites – in that way it becomes a companion and not an enemy«.

The single ‘sorrygirl’ is released on October 8th 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment.