Black Ethics about "Valid"

On March 12, 2021, Black Ethics are releasing their first single "Valid". Read more about the thoughts behind the track in this interview with the rock duo.

Photo: Cover art til "Valid".

What inspired you to make the track?

Casper: “A person can have a unique relationship with another person and then 14 days later that relationship can be completely destroyed. When a person declares that they like someone, it is a truth. When the same person 14 days later doesn’t feel the same way anymore, the first truth is still a truth – but it’s not valid anymore: “Tell me a truth that is not valid anymore.”

Mathias: “It is the fascinating and awful effect of moments of truths. The feeling of fleeting relations. One day it’s there, the next day it’s gone. It is difficult for us to express where our songs come from. They come from some undefinable place. Many people can probably tell you exactly where, when, and why they got inspired to make a track. Our songs emerge and then we share them with each other. In reality we are not very good at sharing too much of our universe. We believe that music speaks for itself and that the meaning of a song is individual.”

What do you wish the listener receives from the track?

Mathias: “We do not necessarily wish anything specific. We want people to use “Valid” for whatever they want. To some it’s a breakup-song, to others it might be a song filled with hope, and to us it’s something else. The most important thing is that people interpret the music how they think the music should be interpreted. Our thoughts behind it are irrelevant in our opinion. To us, it’s a song where opposites meet and expressions merge. We hope people feel that.”

Why is it important to you that opposites meet?

Casper: “Because we’re living in 2021 and everything has been done before. Everything has been heard and everything has been hated and loved. And we are so ridiculously tired of the same insignificant capitalistic nonsense. Why not take some rusty iron, wrap it in a velour cloth, and try to do something exciting with it instead?”

How is the track connected with your new EP?

Mathias: “It is noisy, beautiful and honest. Just like us. We were never in doubt about whether or not “Valid” should be on the record. From the moment it was born it was a song that wanted to be something. In many ways it became the cornerstone for the rest of the record. We were very much aware of which route to take.”

Casper: “In “Valid” there are characteristics of profound self-criticism but nevertheless self-reflection. The song is not about a boring date at some overpriced bar in the city. It’s about what happens in real life. That’s why it’s honest. It isn’t about being miserable but it’s also not about being happy. It’s auditory emotional neutrality, which is one of the beautiful things about the song; It sounds beautiful and harmonious but you can’t directly decide whether it’s sad or uplifting. Because it’s neither.”

Is there anything else you want to point out about the track?

Mathias: “The music speaks for itself.”