Ethics: Art emerges where opposites meet

Ethics is the textbook example of how contrasts and challenging each other prepare the ground for art to flourish. On May 28, the duo are releasing their debut EP ‘Kiss Forever’.

Photo: Sofi Hellberg Olsson.

Every great relationship consists of a speeder and a break, and in Ethics there is no doubt about the distribution of roles. Even though Casper Blond and Mathias Risager have a lot in common, you do not need a thorough analysis to see that the two band members are very different people. Mathias calmly meets your eyes while Casper’s glance rapidly wanders around the room. Mathias happily talks about this and that, but you have to make an impact if you want to capture Caspers’ attention. You have to feel passionate about what you express – that is also one of the cornerstones of the music.

Just like the internal relationship of the band, Ethics’ music is very contrasted. With a loud and edged sound, it pokes your senses and takes you back to the nostalgic ‘90s rock. But on the way you are stopped by modern synthesizers and electronic drums, and all of a sudden you are back in the present. On the new EP, ‘Kiss Forever’, the opposites find each other, connect the band, and tie it all together:

“It’s funny because we’re always discussing and disagreeing about everything, but with these recordings it’s the first time we’re on the same page”, says Mathias.

Mathias is Casper’s diametrical counterpart. He is straightforward, calm and collected, with a steady voice. With his drums, he creates the solid foundation on which Casper unfolds the big dreams, the visions, and his hard-hitting “pedal to the metal”-mindset. Casper is going 100 miles an hour, and his end goal is not exactly the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival:

“I’ve got to play on the main stage on Reading, and I’ve always felt that fucking way. I'm fighting for it because I’ve got something I want to show. I have the guts to say that what we are doing is fucking insane”, he says.

When Casper takes off, Mathias knows to grasp him by the ankles and make sure they don’t fly away. Mathias, the pragmatist, sees the world through a realistic lens, and his dreams are not as glamorous: “The dream is to make a lot of dope music and not have to work at a daycare meanwhile”, he says. That is very telling of the relationship in Ethics. Without a speeder you are not going anywhere, but without a break you are going to crash. That is why Ethics work. Like yin and yang they make each other stronger and that affects their music:

“You might have some strong ideas and opinions but you wont receive the best outcome, if you get your way all the time”, Casper explains.

Their music does not make an impact in spite of the contrasts – it makes an impact because of them. Casper and Mathias possess an amazing drive exactly because they are so different. You can see it when you meet them, and you can definitely hear it in their music.

'Kiss Forever' is out on May 28, 2021, via W.A.S. Entertainment.