Brimheim embraces her shadow self on fearlessly personal debut

During the latter part of 2020, Brimheim released her acclaimed debut EP ‘Myself Misspelled’ which introduced her heartfelt guitar infused art-pop to the world. Since then she has been working on her first full length - an album that showcases an unflinching willingness to openly process her struggles with mental illness through song and sound. On her debut LP Brimheim masterfully demonstrates that she’s a versatile and purposeful artist worthy of the hype.

Cred: Hey Jack

Music has always been Brimheim’s way of sharing her vulnerability.

Since childhood she has used music as a way of articulating and working through intense feelings, as a way of challenging herself, and as a creative sandbox. These approaches have all helped mold the forthcoming debut album ‘Can't Hate Myself Into A Different Shape’ into its vibrant final form .

The album is a deeply personal work, that with it’s 10 poignant songs illustrates how Brimheim processes her mental vulnerability in the wake of a depressive episode. It includes songs about childhood friends, about laundry and self harm, and about the challenges of navigating relationships when you’re steeped in brain fog.

»I think the reason I formed an interest in music and songwriting at a young age is that it allowed me to be completely honest and unafraid about how I express certain things. Often the painful stuff. It’s a very therapeutic process for me - especially when I see people feeling seen by my work - that’s very healing on a deep level. In writing this album I’ve attempted to speak from a raw and intuitive place about specific situations and relationships from my life - I hope I’ve been able to do it in a way where it becomes universal. It has been a way to give myself permission to dig deep into some of my heaviest feelings - something I am only really comfortable doing through music and poetry«

Although the album thematically revolves around emotional darkness, the recording process for Helena Rebensdorff – the woman behind the Faroese moniker Brimheim - has been defined by freedom and intuition in an exceptional way. The harmonious collaboration between Helena and producer Søren Buhl (Blaue Blume) being the determining factor.

»I have actually never experienced such effortlessness in a creative process before. It’s been so uplifting to ride my bike out to the studio in Valby every day feeling excited and motivated to make stuff together and express myself. Every single session has been playful and inspiring «.

Small unfinished song ideas on phone memos have been slowly molded into a fully fledged work of art that mixes elements from accessible contemporary guitar pop with more unconventional arrangements. The multifaceted album is inspired by everything from Shlomo, Taylor Swift and Perfume Genius to Portishead, Mitski and Jeff Buckley.

»The fact that we started working on the album with unfinished or elemental ideas, made it possible for us to shape each song on its own merits. The open endedness created a really fruitful synergy between each of our artistic and technical skill sets and between each song on the record. I feel like we’ve created something quite unique that wouldn’t have happened any other way or at any other time.«.

The final product is a sincere and sonically ​​adventurous album that shows Brimheim’s willingness to be emotionally vulnerable as a songwriter and lyrically tells the story of her shadow self. She’s used the album as a way of working through existential anguish and turned it into something liberating and life affirming:

»Singing my songs is a very pleasurable experience for me. It’s a release. Even when I sing about agonizing things. Through the music I’m able to be present and enjoy embodying every bit of what it means to be human - even the pain of it. That’s what makes music so special to me and that’s what I’ve attempted to channel on this record«

‘Can’t Hate Myself Into A Different Shape’ is released in January 2022 via W.A.S. Entertainment.