Brimheim: "Fuck, I’m so bad at living life!"

Danish / Faroese Brimheim releases EP on human’s inner search and detours on the road to finding oneself. "Myself Misspelled" will be released on October 16, 2020.

Photo: W.A.S. Entertainment.

With dark, volatile guitars, naively programmed drum machines and a strong and heartfelt vocal, Brimheim can best be described as the illegitimate love child of Florence Welsh and PJ Harvey - a goth teenager who listens to Radiohead and reads Murakami. Behind Brimheim we find singer and songwriter Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff, whose artist name comes from her Faroese origin:

"Brimheim is my Faroese family's last name, and it means 'home of the breaking wave’. I feel strongly connected to the Faroe Islands and find great inspiration in Faroese nature, culture and history, so I took Brimheim as an artist name to express the deep connection I feel to my mother's homeland. And then it just sounds poetic too," says Brimheim to the Faroese media Info.

Poetry, however, is not only found in the artist's name - it is also a central part of Brimheim's musical universe, which is centered on the same kind of existential vulnerability that can also be found in the work of Mitski and Julia Jacklin. A vulnerability that is central to Brimheim's debut EP "Myself Misspelled", which revolves around her own story and the theme "Fuck, I’m just so bad at living life!" (her own words).

Thus, each of the EP's songs draws from the the inner struggles Brimheim has had to face during a turbulent and transformative period in her life. "Four Chambers", which is the opening number of the EP, represents the first phase of a period when her personal development accelerated in the aftermath of a lost relationship with a toxic person. Similarly, the first single "Kafka" addresses the identity transformation and hyper-self-awareness that Brimheim experienced during her adolescence, where she thought she was destined to be a producer and make electronic music - but in reality was a singer-songwriter.

“I think it's pretty universal to go through major internal struggles and changes as you get older. In the process, there are many hard lessons: To face one's weaknesses and mistakes, and ways in which one has done - and may still be doing - harm to oneself and others. We all do that. It's just a matter of how we handle the fact and whether we are able to take responsibility. It is real maturity to be able to, and it is a lifelong journey."

With "Myself Misspelled", Brimheim frames the inner struggles that are a part of a human’s development of their identity. A process that she conveys with both anxiety and honesty; hope and humor.

"Myself Misspelled" will be released on October 16, 2020 via W.A.S. Entertainment.