Brimheim on ‘favorite day of the week’

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Shortly after the release of the fantasy inspired music video for ‘poison fizzing on a tongue’ Brimheim is already ready with her next single ‘favourite day of the week’. You can read all about it in the interview below.

Cred: Hey Jack

What inspired you to write this song?

»’favourite day of the week’ is about how you can stumble a little in the early phases of a romantic relationship. You really want each other but may not be tuned in to each other's needs and love languages yet. You are caught up in your own story and think of yourself first. It takes some time to build the trust it takes to have a healthy and deep relationship – especially if you are struggling with something else simultaneously and if you’ve been hurt before«.

What do you hope the listener will take away from the song?

»I hope the listener will be carried away by all the details in the production, even though ‘favourite day of the week’ contains lyrics that are more vague (the song is like a letter from one lover to another so it doesn’t have a defined plot) I hope the listener will pay attention to all the catchy lyrical bits and the details in the composition. And that they will want to uncover the emotions and the story of the song through these clues and details. I really like the vocal ‘chase’ in the last chorus, where bits from the verse, bridge, and chorus are layered over each other«.

»We tried to combine the clean hifi sound with the melancholy that is often present in my music. I really like the vibe that it creates. It is rhythmically grounded, but atmospheric at the same time«.

In what way is the song connected to the overall theme of your next album?

»’Can’t Hate Myself Into a Different Shape’ is about the different nuances of living with psychological pain. This song describes how you can hurt people, especially a partner, because you have no emotional surplus. You can act in pretty selfish ways when you’re caught up in your own narrative.

Is there anything you want to highlight from the song?

»When we first started working on the arrangement and production of this song it sounded more like the Drive soundtrack than the modern take on 70’s soft rock or sophisti-pop that it ended up being. But after getting a take on the bass line from my buddy Austin (all the way from Montreal), my producer Søren and I saw the song in a new light and began to rearrange it. All new chords in the chorus and the addition of piano, for example. We ended up not using Austin’s riff but his contribution totally transformed the song. Remnants of the original production style are still present as well, like the drums and the long reverb on the vocals. I think the blend of sounds gives the song something really special«.

‘favourite day of the week’ is released on October 7th through W.A.S. Entertainment.