Brimheim on ‘hey amanda’

On October 18th Brimheim’s third single ‘hey amanda’ will be released – a song that celebrates the love between Helena and her childhood friend Amanda. Brimheim’s nostalgic voice takes you back to a time without any worries, and you can read more about ‘hey amanda’ in this interview.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

Your song, ‘hey amanda’, is about your relationship with your childhood friend Amanda. Why did you want to write a song about your friendship?

»Obviously there are plenty of great romantic love songs, but for some reason there aren’t a lot of love songs about friendships, even though they’re often just as crucial and formative as any crush or relationship. ‘hey amanda’ is my take on a platonic love song«.

»Amanda and I became best friends when we were 10 and it is one of my closest relationships to this day. The impact our friendship has had on my life is hard to overstate – especially because we grew our shared interest in art and music together at a very formative time in our lives. I feel like that’s pretty special – to have grown into the adult versions of ourselves and still be friends. I’m an only child, so Amanda is the closest thing I have to a sibling. She lives in Montreal now, so unfortunately we don’t get to see each other that often. I wanted to write a song that works as a celebration of our friendship and revels in the nostalgia of our childhood beginnings«.

What do you hope that the listener will gain from the song?

»I hope the song lands in that sweet spot between nostalgic longing and the ‘driving in your car singing at top of your lungs alone’ type feeling«.

Is there anything special you want to highlight from the track?

»My favorite thing about the song is that it has two choruses stacked right on top of each other. Right as you think it’s gonna land, it goes to a new and even higher level. I also especially enjoy the panning of the drum kit which is a little unusual. It makes the whole arrangement feel slightly off-kilter. The kinda stumbling ‘barely hitting the mark’ type drum fill between the verse and bridge is also tasty AF«.

‘hey amanda’ will be released on November 18th and Brimheim will release her debut album ‘can’t hate myself into a different shape’ on January 28th 2022 through W.A.S. Entertainment.