Brimheim on ‘poison fizzing on a tongue’

On September 23rd Brimheim will release her new single ‘poison fizzing on a tongue’. A song about finding the resilience to break free from the constraints of a toxic relationship; be that with a person or imprisoning thought patterns. Explore the story behind the single further in this interview.

Cred: Hey Jack

What inspired you to write this song? And what is it about?

»The song is about being trapped in a claustrophobic space with someone, or something, that’s toxic. The story dually represents a romantic entanglement with a narcissist or psychopath, and also my mental entanglement with patriarchal ideals, which the antagonist personifies. Emblematic of my own struggle with internalised sexism«.

»Toxic things are often alluring at first, but eventually, the truth will reveal itself and suddenly you understand that you’re trapped, isolated and have stepped out of your power. Slowly but surely your boundaries have crumbled one by one«.

»The protagonist is not beyond resurrection though, and becomes compelled to liberate herself, despite the intense challenge this presents. She has identified the manipulation and is full of regret and shame, yet now feels emboldened to fight. To emerge from the fog and begin moving back towards who she truly is. No matter how down-trodden you feel, there is always a glimmer of inner power and in the end this desire for freedom will conquer the fear«.

How do you want the listener to feel, when listening to the song?

»To me this song is very cinematic and extremely evocative. I want the lyrics and the metaphors to be interpreted by the listeners – the song is intentionally abstract because in the end, my own intention is subordinate. I hope that the listener will feel taken by ambience, harmony, texture, performance and words. And that this combination creates an artistic experience, which makes the listener form their own inner scenery and personal journey through the landscape of the music.

How is the song related to your new project?

»”poison fizzing on a tongue’’ might not be an obvious first single, but since the last two releases have been pop singles about love, I felt like showing a darker and more alternative side to who I am as an artist. The song is more electronic and trip hop-ish, which is a side of Brimheim that I haven’t revealed before. Since a lot of the album is about depression, it felt right to begin the album cycle with a darker song«.

Is there anything else you would like to highlight about the song?

»I am so proud of ‘poison fizzing on a tongue’ and it’s definitely one of my favorites from the album. The disturbing ambience in the arrangement, and the layers of texture, is ideal staging for the story. When Søren and I began the work, we didn’t know each other that well, and I think the process around the single just confirmed how strong and effortless our collaboration is. It is rare for something to feel so easy and magical that fast. The vocal performance in the last part of the song is from the first take and the lead vocal was made in about only three takes. I really felt spellbound and capable of expressing all the desperation that lies beneath the surface. There is suspense all the way through, which is very compelling, immediately submerging you in the universe of the song«.

»One detail I especially love about the arrangement is that all the sounds in the electronic part of the beat, and some texture layers, are samples of background noises from a phone recording I had of the acoustic demo. You know, the first couple of seconds before the recording begins, and the phone on the table catches the sound of someone touching their clothes or something. I really think all these samples give depth to the soundscape and it was an elegant way to connect the starting point of the song with the more electronic end result«.

‘poison fizzing on a tongue’ is released on September 23rd via W.A.S. Entertainment