Chris Frank Jr. about “Testimony”

Chris Frank Jr.'s first single “Testimony” is out September 18th, 2020. Read about his thoughts on the new single here.

Photo: Cover art for "Testimony". Credit: W.A.S. Entertainment.

What inspired you to write “Testimony”?

The first few minutes I had alone with my new Wurlitzer, “Testimony” came out of my fingers. The sounds and the feeling, made me play it out of the blue. Magical instrument!

The text in "Testimony" is written about myself and the fear of making something that people don’t like, the fear that it is too late for me, and the fear that I’m not good enough - but still not really caring about it because I’m at peace with myself when I write my songs.

At the same time, I also see the number as a statement. "Testimony" - I have made my case, I have set my flag. I will not be forgotten.

What do you want a listener to gain from hearing the number?

I want the listener to discover a new sound in Denmark, to be captured and drawn by the universe, because there is much more on the way. At the same time, my message in the song is that if you walk around with a dream, then do something about it. Otherwise you will never forget it.

How is the number connected to the rest of your musical project?

“Testimony” is part of the upcoming EP and creates a nice standard. At the same time, the song is also a good first-hand impression of Chris Frank Jr., as the listener is presented with a little bit of each. The song ties in well with the upcoming songs as the universe around Chris Frank Jr. is moving towards soul music.

Is there anything else you wish to highlight about the number?

As mentioned earlier, “Testimony” was the first track that came out of my Wurlitzer after a few minutes alone with it. I find it extremely inspiring to sit alone in the dark with my Wurlitzer or a guitar. It is mostly there and out of nowhere that a number comes to me. The lyrics are exactly as I felt during that period - afraid of my musical future, not sure if it was the right path for me.