Chris Frank Jr.: The lost art of being a gentleman

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Meet Chris Frank Jr. - a talented songwriter with an eye for detail and a name that testifies to his family's connection to the great Frank Sinatra. His next single “Crazy” is out on February 26, 2021, and is the third single from his upcoming debut EP "Testimony".

With his shirt open, his legs crossed and his hat firmly in place, we meet Chris Frank Jr. Polite, smiling and ready with a compliment - "what a beautiful dress!" - making you immediately feel appreciated and confident. From childhood, the talented songwriter has learned the importance of being kind and accommodating - a gentleman, who today can say that he feels confident in himself and in his music.

“In the past, I have often thrown away music I’ve been making, despite the fact that I really liked it. I had a very conscious image of what my style was going to be, and if the music I made didn't fit this image, then I might as well abandon it. I’m glad that I have grown to be more confident in myself. It has made me worry much less about fitting into a particular idea. My new approach is that I just record what I think sounds good. ”

Photo: Marco Storm Braskov.

For Chris Frank Jr., the newfound self-confidence has meant that he is now able to rely on his own assessment of himself rather than others’, and has therefore been able to find his own sound. With classical songwriting as a foundation, strong references to the American soul tradition and modern elements like 808 Beats and synthesizers, he has created a unique musical universe that moves at the crossroad between soul, pop and indie rock. And to top it all off, it highlights Chris Frank Jr.'s authentic and sincere vocals, which at the same time appear confident and fragile.

Grandfather's friend Frank Sinatra

Music has always been a big part of Chris Frank Jr.'s life, where the father - Frank Sr. - has been an especially great support for his son and his music. Like his father, Chris Frank Jr. is a man who rarely speaks of himself and who, for better or worse, can hide even the most gloomy thoughts away behind a wide smile.

“I have always learned to be polite and accommodating and to think of others first. I rarely talk about myself, and if I have the worst day in the world, I'm good at hiding it. Instead, I show interest in other people, give them compliments and try to make them feel good and make them feel noticed.”

Thus, it's from the father Chris Frank Jr. has got his good manners and eye for other people's well-being. But it is also from him that he has got his name, Frank - a name to which a very special family story is attached:

“My grandfather was a US citizen and sailed the destroyer during World War II. He was stationed for five years, and at the end of the war he sailed to New York and docked at Brooklyn. Here was a small cafe that he and his soldier mates sat at every night listening to this unknown pianist. It was Frank Sinatra, and my grandfather became good friends with him. I have pictures of them standing together and he visited my grandfather at home after the war. That's why my father's name is Frank - my grandfather named him after his good friend.”

As a kid, Chris Frank Jr. was always called Frank Jr. after his father, though his given name is Christoffer Berg. And because of his father's strong support for his music, it seemed both respectful and natural to incorporate Frank Jr. in his new artist name.

Chris Frank Jr. is what many would describe as a real gentleman. But instead of hearing the crooner's soft piano tones, you can expect to be drawn into a universe that is Chris Frank Jr.'s very own - a universe that appears as timeless as Chris Frank Jr. himself.

Chris Frank Jr.'s third single "Crazy" is out February 26, 2021, via W.A.S. Entertainment.