Elisha on ‘Mama’

On November 19th Elisha will release the first single ‘Mama’ from his forthcoming album ‘Transitions’. ‘Mama’ is a personal and contemplative song about wanting to make your parents proud, but it also challenges the perception of one's reality on a deeper level.

What inspired you to write this song?

»I want ‘Mama’ to be perceived as nakedness of one's own psyche and soul. ‘Mama’ explores a sense of vulnerability and confronts the facades we place in front of ourselves, trying to hide, while doing everything in order to fit in within societal norms. And basically I just want my parents to be proud of me. As a rootless kid growing up, fate has never had a plan for me, but now I’m making my own fate«.

What do you hope that the listener will gain from the song?

»I hope that the listener will take inspiration from my expressions in ‘Mama’ to make a stand for themselves within themselves, and understand their own feelings, emotions and realities that influence their lives«.

»I feel like ‘Mama’ should remind everyone of their own core values, and urge them to be honest with the rest of us and come back to be children along with us all, as I have been within this song. But I expect that every listener will have their own understanding of the song«.

How is the song related to the project ‘Transitions’?

»I think in terms of the whole project ‘Transitions', 'Mama’ comes first because Mama represents the beginning of life, and none of us would be here if Mama wasn’t here first. ’Transitions’ represents an example of the core of what this life is, in an honest sense. This reality of life and it’s transitions is very important to me. Only after birth do transitions begin«.

‘Mama’ will be released on November 12th through Dreamboy Pirates & W.A.S. Entertainment.