Elisha: »To me vulnerability and confidence are like two sides of the same coin«

After a long period of searching to become the best version of himself, Elisha has taken the time to breathe and create the right setting for his music. The album ‘Transitions’ will mark a new beginning for the young singer and the album is a reflective story about love, freedom and the bittersweet realisation of the fact that life is constantly changing.

When it comes to music, Elisha is not afraid to dream big. He possesses huge popstar ambitions and dreams of playing at big stages around the world. That’s one side of Elisha. The other one loves to read, learn and think and contemplate about a past that is more complex than most people’s.

Elisha is born and raised in Congo, the violent war area of Bukavu that is. With parents who tried to protect him from the violent reality, Elisha was often sent away for years at a time to live with distant family members.

»For the most part of my life I have moved from place to place, I never actually attached to anything specific, and even if i did, that shit would be ripped away from me immediately, in one or maybe two years, I always knew it was inevitable, so the friendships I made as a child, moving from place to place, always had an expiration date, no matter what. So I needed to be observant of everything because I had the responsibility to adapt to my surroundings – the quickest way possible, as fast as possible«.

The unstable upbringing engraved by constantly being on the move), established a great uncertainty and general mistrust towards other people within Elisha. With ‘Transitions’ Elisha uses his past experiences to illuminate reflection on his life and how he as a human being has grown from this.

The turning point

In 2011 the 14 years old Elisha moved with his family to Denmark and that was the beginning of a more stable and safe life. Elisha attended Danish school and for the first time in his life, he found something that gave him purpose; music. In his late teens that resulted in him signing a contract with a huge record label.

Music helped Elisha find himself and slowly began an inner process of dealing with his chaotic past in order to put it behind him. With the album ‘Transitions’, which is the first full length album Elisha is releasing through Dreamboy Pirates & W.A.S. Entertainment, he attempts to turn his difficult upbringing into a strength, while it all together marks a new beginning.

‘Transitions’ is a turning point for Elisha, who by embracing his past, moves between vulnerability and confidence with an honest and present portrait of his mind. That is, according to Elisha, the only way to move on with your life – to build an inner confidence and look forward.

»To me vulnerability and confidence are like two sides of the same coin, you can’t separate them. I don’t mind going to the length of showing my heart but also the strength, because the only way to move forward when you have been hurt is to create confidence to move forward, but never to forget your reality«.

Elisha’s next single ‘Mama’ will be released on November 19th 2021 through Dreamboy Pirates & W.A.S. Entertainment.