Ethics on 'The Pressure Is Mine'

On April 16, 2021, Ethics are releasing their second single 'The Pressure Is Mine'. Read more about the thoughts behind the track in this interview with the rock duo.

Photo: Cover art for 'The Pressure Is Mine'.

What inspired you to write the track?

Casper: “We were sitting at a gas station eating dry bread rolls at seven in the morning on our way home from a concert and a long night that had ended at five in the morning. One of the guys in the group says something funny – everyone laughs – and then Mathias says to me, “Jesus Christ, you’re ugly when you laugh”. It takes a lot of ego and very little self-knowledge to say something like that and that’s what the song is about. Just keep passing the buck”.

Mathias: “When it’s seven in the morning after a long night, there are few functioning brain cells left and it always ends up backfiring on somebody”.

What do you wish the listener receives from the track?

Casper: “We want to remind people that you can reach new heights in your little life by thinking before you speak – at least sometimes”.

Mathias: “It would also be nice to give people a flashback to sticky dancefloors, sloppy french kisses, and spotty freshmen at high school parties”.

How is the track connected with the rest of your new project?

Casper: “The tracks originate from the same period of time and that’s probably reflected somewhere. They are about issues of some sort and they politely and bluntly say “fuck you” to everyone and everything. All of the songs on the EP are a treat for the auditory victim (the listener), but at the same time you get a bullet of truth shot in your face. It’s like getting a blowjob while getting slapped in the face”.

Mathias: “Furthermore, it’s the only song that can be directly connected with our private relationship outside of music”.

Is there anything else you want to point out about the track?

Casper: “Notice the high second voice in the chorus. Patrick [Gamst Petersen] and I did that together. No, we haven’t got any testicles but it sounds nice”.