FABER Is Just As Composed As Her Music

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

FABER is an extremely reflexive person, and when all her thoughts are put on paper they slowly start to make sense. Her tangled thought patterns are expressed in her songs, which are just as creative and fierce as her, and you can hear for yourself when FABER releases the single ‘I Blanke Øjeblikke’ on August 20th.

Phie Beckett Stenbæk

To Faber nothings is either black or white. Everything is a tornado of a thousand colors. Her personality is composed of so many different things – one moment she is reading sophisticated poetry, the next she is binging the reality show ‘Below Deck’. Her mind is made up of thoughts pointing in multiple directions at once.

»I tend to live inside my head a lot, or maybe not all the time, but I’m in my head a lot, and I’m extremely bad at multitasking for example. If I’m thinking about something, it’s’ really difficult for me to do something simultaneously – I have to be 100 percent present in what I’m doing«, she says, laughing.

Viola Faber’s songs can be both down-to-earth and dreamy, organic and electronic, familiar and strange. Like her musical productions, her thoughts are fragmented. But when her thoughts become physical in the shape of music and poetry, her inner tornado calms down, her reflections come together and become much clearer:

»Once I’ve written something down I can be surprised by what I’ve just written. Sometimes the lyrics come to life almost by their own accord, and it’s not until afterwards, I realize what’s on the paper. I can get overwhelmed by all the emotions and think: “What does this mean?”«, FABER says.

This make songwriting a vessel for FABER to process herself and her experiences:

»Songwriting can be both emotionally draining and emotionally rewarding for me. If I feel sad songwriting can be a relief, but sometimes it requires me to dwell on situations I would usually flee from. It can be overwhelming. It feels weird to be so affected by something I’ve written myself – it’s kinda embarrassing actually..!«, FABER says. »Then again, some people feel that way when they see a psychiatrist – I feel that way, when I’m writing songs«.

The comparison is pretty accurate. Because when asked what she would do, if she couldn’t be a musician, FABER answers: »A psychiatrist. Either that or a gardener«.

It captures FABER’s universe where she is a little bit of everything at once. Producer, songwriter, musician – FABER.

FABER will release her debut album 'PORTRÆTTER' on September 24th through W.A.S. Entertainment.