FABER on ‘Alle Os På Landet’

On May 7th FABER will release ‘Alle Os På Landet’, the first single from her forthcoming debut album ‘Portrætter’. ‘Alle Os På Landet’ is a song about having your expectations around a romantic relationship crushed, and you can read FABER’s thoughts about the song in this interview.

Cover art til 'Alle os på landet'

What inspired you to write the song?

»’Alle Os På Landet’ (meaning ‘Us on the countryside’) is a song about falling in love. It’s a picture perfect love story that gets destroyed. It’s about building up so many expectations around a relationship and what it can become, that instead of enjoying the relationship you prepare yourself for disappointment from the beginning. Sometimes you meet people, that will make you forget all your usual habits. People, who are so breathtaking that they sweep you off of your feet. The thing about these people is that so many will fall for their charm. And when you look back on the relationship you get the feeling that maybe you weren’t the only one with dreams and hopes of living in a tiny house in the countryside with this person, growing your own vegetables and looking deep into each other's eyes. Falling in love is a crazy thing, and I have tried to write a song that would capture the craziness that comes when you feel that you’ve been done wrong«.

What do you wish the listener will receive from this track?

»I want the listener to feel seen and accepted in the feelings of being hurt. I hope they will feel that it’s okay to be angry, and it’s okay that it takes time to move on. I have tried to give the song a hint of humor and sarcasm, and also I wanted it to feel sincere and sensitive. The song represents the questions I never got to ask. I feel so cringe about myself when I don’t understand why a relationship has ended. I needed to ask the questions out loud in this song. Maybe others will recognize the feeling. Or maybe there are others who also fell in love with a farmer«.

How is the track connected to the rest of your project

»My upcoming album is called ‘Portrætter’ (Portraits) and it consists of 12 sonic portraits. Like the rest of the songs on the album, this song is also a portrait. The album keeps an ironic distance to itself and at the same time it’s the most personal I’ve ever made. The attitude on ‘Alle os på landet’ is a nice indicator of the general tone of the album and the emotional rollercoaster ride it contains«.

FABER will release the single ‘Alle Os På Landet’ on May 7th through W.A.S. Entertainment.