FABER on ‘I blanke øjeblikke’

On August 20 FABER will release her next single ‘I blanke øjeblikke’ (Blank Moments). It is a touching song about the special bond between a child and a parent, and how that relationship isn’t always as simple as you would like. You can read all about the song in the interview below.

Foto: Phie Beckett Stenbæck

What inspired you to write this track?

»‘I blanke øjeblikke’ is about the unconditional love that exists between a child and a parent, but also about how you sometimes need to shut down your own emotions, to be able to be in that relationship. As an adult you can get a sense of epiphany, when you suddenly see your parents in a new light«.

»For me personally this song is about having to deal with illness becoming a part of the relationship between the child and the parent. It can make you so exhausted, that you reach a point where you can’t feel happiness nor sadness. And it makes you feel guilty. ‘I blanke øjeblikke’ balances chaos and control – it’s a song stuck between a flood of emotions and the lack of emotions«.

What do you hope the listener will take away from the track?

»I hope that people would want to sing along to the things that hurt the most<3«.

How is the track connected to your new project and your previous single?

»My debut album consists of 12 portraits. ‘I blanke øjeblikke’ is the most direct of them all; it is a description of a situation and a person that plays a big role in my life. It is also an example of what I like about a portrait; You get an idea of both the person being portrayed and the person creating the portrait. When I wrote this record I couldn’t control what was happening in my life, and therefore the portraits have become quite different from each other. The common thread however is that they paint a very clear portrait of a couple of very eventful years in my life«.

Is there anything you want to highlight about the track?

»I try to create music that is beautiful and trashy at the same time. Music where the main idea is simple and straightforward but smaller parts stand out and change the mood of the song. The lyrics and how it goes together with the sonic universe is something I’ve worked hard on with this song; How the sonic gives new meaning to the lyrics«.

‘I blanke øjeblikke’ will be out through W.A.S. Entertainment on August 20th.