Five strong artists fight loneliness on new Christmas single

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Rebecca Lou, Kamma, GRETA, girlcrush and Brimheim sing about the feeling of loneliness around Christmas time on a new touching Christmas single. Their hope is that others in the same situation will feel less alone. “This time of year (wake me up when December ends)” will be released on November 6, 2020.

Photo: Freja Gyldendal Amby.

”Christmas is the festival of hearts”. Thus sounds an old Danish saying, describing Christmas as it appears to some - and as it appears in fairy tales. But for many people, reality is different and Christmas can be a lonely time. Because where do you belong, when you feel left out of the family you were born into, during a holiday season where family traditions and family bonds are celebrated?

Singer and songwriter Rebecca Lou has experienced both heartache and deprivation during the Christmas season. For her, the month of December has not been associated with joy, anticipation and family togetherness, but instead with the grief of having to revisit old, unpleasant memories. Rebecca Lou therefore took the initiative to write a song about the feeling of loneliness during December - a feeling that her musical colleague Kamma shared with her, and as a result they wrote the single "This time of year (Wake me up when December ends)".

“Together we started writing about the difficult feelings, and about the heartache you can feel when you face the dark winter time. It is a feeling that returns year after year and that can be difficult to share with others. But it is important to talk openly about it - and to write music about it. Because as soon as you open up, you also invite others in, and maybe it can help us feel less lonely at Christmas time.”

Along the way, Rebecca Lou and Kamma presented the track to other artists who could nod in recognition of many of the same emotions, and on the track it is therefore not only Rebecca Lou and Kamma who sing, but also GRETA, girlcrush and Brimheim. The song, which is produced in collaboration with Søren Buhl Lassen (Blaue Blume), is thus an example of the community that is created when people stand together and support each other.

On November 6, the most beautiful and touching Christmas song to date will be released: "This time of year (wake me up when December ends)" - a song that will show the loners out there that they are not alone, and at the same time inspire to an open dialogue about loneliness and grief in this time of year.

“This time of year (wake me up when December ends)” is released via W.A.S. Entertainment.