Girlcrush: It’s okay not to meet the expectations of the society

An unusually difficult time for the members of girlcrush, was the starting point of their forthcoming debut album, which attempts to break down stigmas on mental vulnerability. With their debut albumgirlcrush wants to underline the importance of speaking up about mental illness and at the same time state that it’s okay not to meet the standards of the society and the pressure from the outside world.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

The members of girlcrush; Andrea, Marie and Nat have gone through a difficult time of their life. They have all had things to deal with such as depression, schizophrenia and sick leaves. Even though mental illness isn’t news to girlcrush, they have been particularly affected by it this spring, alongside the exhaustingly long Covid-19 lockdown.

The feeling of being isolated with yourself and your thoughts is probably something most people can relate to – and the band believes that mental vulnerability affects more people than you would think:

»There are more people than you would think, who have these issues. You can’t tell from looking at people, if they have a mental disorder and that’s why this album is so important. The album contains all kinds of different ways of talking about mental illness, including all the sad and difficult emotions, but also the fun and ironic«.

It’s therefore with a lot of nerve that girlcrush is releasing their debut album after a difficult period of time in their lives. They’re showing a more vulnerable and delicate side with an honest and strong insight of mental illness. With a dream of normalising mental illness girlcrush have created a community of understanding, that they haven’t met anywhere else:

»Girlcrush means everything to us – creating something together with someone who’s become our best friends is really great. We agree on almost everything and we manage to speak the same language. We always understand each other. That’s something we haven’t experienced anywhere else in our lives«.

A place to cope

During the difficult time of their lives, Andrea, Marie and Nat realised how important their band and the music is. They feed off each other’s energy and together they create this present safe space filled with sympathy and solicitude:

»When I’m feeling bad, it really helps playing music. It’s the only place where I can feel completely like myself. It’s the place where I can free my mind and just focus on creating a product«, Andrea explains.

On the debut album girlcrush invites us all inside their personal and vulnerable space where nothing is left unsaid. A nerve-racking but necessary invitation you have to receive with open arms. To girlcrush, the message is to be proud of yourself and your mental state and find a way to cope with everything life throws at you, whether it’s seeing a therapist or making music – sometimes even both.

»It feels liberating to play a song about difficult things you’ve been through, because you get it out of your system. When you talk or sing about your deepest thoughts, it separates your thoughts from your body and suddenly you’re able to look at them in a different light. You externalize your feelings and are able to focus on something else, because the difficult things no longer have the same power over you, they’ve become harmless through the music«.

Girlcrush’s next single ‘Lucky’ will be released on October 22nd through W.A.S. Entertainment.