Girlcrush on ‘Lucky’

Girlcrush is ready with the first single ‘Lucky’ from their forthcoming album. ‘Lucky’ will be released on October 22nd and it’s a catchy but bold song that takes a stand on romanticising dating someone with mental issues. Read more about it in this interview.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

What has inspired you to write this song?

Andrea: »The song is about how some people think it’s cute being mentally ill. The first time I noticed this romanticising of mentally challenged people, was on TV and in movies. This so-called ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ figure. I grew up with Tumblr and on this platform the romanticising was very apparent in pictures and posts about depression, anxiety and eating disorders. I’ve met a lot of people, especially men, who think it’s a little intriguing to date a ‘girl with issues’, and who think it’s cute to be a little crazy. How lucky is that...«.

What do you hope the listener will gain from the song?

»The song is a snarky and bold/cheeky response to those who think it’s intriguing to date someone who is mentally ill. Most of the time, these people aren’t even able to handle the tough and ugly reality, which comes with being mentally ill«.

Andrea: »I hope that those who can relate to being romanticised in this way, will find it funny. And I hope that those who romanticise mental illness get to reflect a little. Hopefully, they will realize that mentally ill people are much more complex than just stereotypes.

How is the song related to your forthcoming album?

»Our entire album has an overall theme, which revolves around mental illness. All the songs are about different aspects and feelings related to this, some are more quiet and emotional, others are cheeky and bold like this one«.

Is there anything else about this track you would like to highlight?

»As something new, we’ve put on some synths on this track, which makes the soundscape a bit more grandiose and “complete”, whereas the space between the few elements (song, bass, guitar and drums) earlier was quite unfilled. The synth played by Nat is inspired by The Cure and the new romantic synthpop from the 80’s«.

‘Lucky’ is released on October 22nd 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment.