GRETA on ‘Nicht Allein’ og ‘Out of Mind’

GRETA will soon release no less than two singles from her forthcoming album ‘Forever We’ll Be Dancing’. ‘Nicht Allein’ which is sung in all German and ‘Out of Mind’ which is sung in English are both released on October 28th and they are both about transitions and love in their own way.

Cred: Cathrine Brix

What has inspired you to write ‘Nicht Allein’ and ‘Out of Mind’? And how does it feel to release a single in German? »’Nicht Allein’ is about being in a stage of transition and letting go. About finding yourself, but also finding each other together in a relationship. It’s about deep love and connection, but also about ambivalens. About acknowledging the importance of connecting with yourself as an individual and not only as a partner in a relationship. Because even though you aren’t alone, you can still feel lonely sometimes«.

»It’s the first song I’ve ever written in all German and it was an incredibly easy, liberating and powerful experience. Originally the lyrics were written for a ballad, but it just contained so much rhythm, which I wanted to enhance even more. I’ve written the lyrics in Berlin together with Judith Holofernes and Pola Roy from the band Wir Sind Helden (who I was a huge fan of, as a young teenager). The lyrics were completed and the song was preproduced alongside my good friend Mads Kinnerup here in Denmark. We made a new version and I just recorded the lyrics in one take without really having the melody, but it just worked out perfectly right away. The song was finally produced in Berlin together with my producer Farao«.

»’Out of Mind’ was actually the first song I wrote on the album. It camptures the feeling of losing your mind in a kind of absurd situation, where you feel trapped (to me this was lockdown). The feeling of losing track of time and just being forced to wait on life to happen. I wrote the song during this really absurd state of mind, which made it almost comic and that’s definitely showing in the appearance of the song. ‘Out of Mind’ is reflecting feelings of both longing and hoping for something else«.

What do you hope, that the listener gains from listening to the songs? »I really hope that the listener will feel connected, powerful and liberated while listening to ‘Nicht Allein’. ‘Out of Mind’ will perhaps give the listener a more melancholic and nostalgic feeling, but at the same time I wish that the listener will feel hopeful«.

How are the songs related to your forthcoming album? »The overall theme for the album is transitions, but also great love. This is both reflected in ‘Nicht Allein’ and ‘Out of Mind’, in their own way«.

»At the time I wrote the album, I felt very artistically liberated, because the music has always been my escape and a light in the dark. During both the Corona lockdown and my husband’s illness, I felt a great love and connection, but also a longing for breaking away, being free, living life and wanting everything to go back to normal«.

‘Nicht Allein’ and ‘Out of Mind’ are both released on October 28th through W.A.S. Entertainment.