GRETA on ‘Vibrant’

GRETA spent the Corona pandemic in a two room apartment with her husband, and from their little romantic bubble the pop song ‘Vibrant’ came to life. Read more about GREAT’s thoughts about the song in this interview.

What inspired you to write the track?

»’Vibrant’ is about two people who love each other and spend the lockdown together. It is about the feeling of reality becoming a blur, about losing sense of time, becoming restless and longing for something more. Something more from each other but from life too. The song contains a lot of love and connectedness and at the same time it is about sharing a common longing after going out, dancing, and for some sort of escape. The song captures the frustration that you feel because the world is no longer the same and you’re constantly longing for something new«.

What do you wish for the listener to take away from the track?

»I hope the listener will feel both the euphoria and the longing in the song, and that it will make them want to dance and dream. It can hopefully work as a brief form of escapism«.

How is the track connected to your previous album ‘Ardent Spring’ and how is it moving forward to something new?

»The dreamy vibe of ’Vibrant’ could easily be a part of ‘Ardent Spring’. But it is pointing forward in the sense that it contains both lighter and heavier energies than the songs on ‘Ardent Spring’. ‘Vibrant’ is more focused and straight forward, and the production is even more minimalistic and video game-ish«.

Is there anything else you want to point out about the track?

»The kitsch 80’s bass completes the whole track! And also, I wrote the song at home in my apartment, lying in my bed and staring into the ceiling and singing directly into my computer. To me that image encapsulates a time and a feeling that we will never forget«.