Junior Brown: »Dare to take chances«

Updated: May 4, 2021

It took a couple of detours for Junior Brown to decide to follow his dream of a music career. But now the Danish-Jamaican singer is ready to present his melancholic pop universe that puts into music what is usually hard to say.

Jamaica, Odense, Copenhagen. Junior Brown’s roots can be traced back to all three places. The name, Junior Brown, comes from the police officer who found him on the streets of Jamaica, and named him after himself, before Junior was adopted and started a new life on the Danish island Funen. A life filled with friends, football – and eventually music.

»I played football with one of my good friends and we dreamed of becoming professional football players. But when you have practice seven times a week, you really need something else to take your mind off of things. I have always played piano and my friend played guitar so we did that together after football practice«.

Though music wasn’t an interest he shared with the rest of his team mates, music and creativity became a bigger and bigger part of Junior Brown’s life. Music became a safe space, and classical piano was gradually replaced with Coldplay ballads, Bruno Mars, and his own songs.

No excuses

As Junior Brown’s interest in music grew stronger, the dream of a career in music took shape. The final push came when Junior Brown travelled to his birth place Jamaica, and he realized how different his life could have been, had he not been adopted.

The thoughts about life and the random circumstances that shape it got Junior convinced that he had to follow the dream of a music career. And so he dedicated all his energy to improving his skills as a songwriter, singer and performer.

»It’s easy to come up with excuses for why you haven’t done something. That’s no good if you want to improve yourself. That’s the bottom line for me – I want to keep improving and get better. You should dare to take chances. I hope that’ll be the take away from my music. That people will listen to it and have thoughts that reach beyond just me and the music«.

Junior Brown has become a confident pop poet and with his soft falsetto he makes anthems for night time, for emotional hangovers, and for the glimpses of happiness and euphoria that make the hard times worth it.

The Danish pop productions are made up of melodic bass lines, steady backbeat and warm synthesizers and they present an artist who is ready to conquer the world – with no excuses.

Junior Brown will release his debut EP in fall 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment.