Junior Brown on ‘Gjorde Det’

Updated: May 4, 2021

On April 30th Danish pop artist Junior Brown will release his debut single ‘Gjorde Det’. The track presents Junior Brown’s elegant, detailed pop universe and it is a hopeful song about fighting your way through an emotional darkness.

What inspired you to write the track?

»I wrote ‘Gjorde Det’ after having gone through a tough time in my life, and things were slowly starting to get better. Someone tragically passed away in my family and it put life in a completely different perspective for me and my family. The days went by so slowly during the first months and I couldn’t focus on anything else.

It was also a time where I felt rejected. Especially in relation to my music because the people I worked with didn’t believe in me and my project. It was hard but it was also the best thing that could have happened. It motivated me to prove myself. To me, being rejected means that you have to prove that the rejection was a mistake. But you also have to look inwards and work on yourself. That applies to many aspects of life. Nonetheless it made me work harder and improve my songwriting.

So it was a time where I experienced a lot of mixed feelings. The feeling of being rejected, the motivation that grew out of that rejection, and more than anything – a grief that will never go away.

‘Gjorde Det’ is about accepting your personal downs and the hard times where every day seems unbearably long. But it’s also about giving yourself credit once you’ve gotten through it. I think it’s a feeling that may seem familiar to many. If not, I think many people will experience it once the world gets back to normal again. Now that we’ve been isolated for more than a year«.

What do you wish the listener receives from the track?

»I hope the listener will use the hopeful vibe and the message to deal with their own personal challenges. Or that it will remind them of a tough time in their life that they managed to get through«.

How is the track connected with the rest of your new project?

»’Gjorde Det’ was the track that kickstarted the whole process around my new debut EP. It created a new musical style compared to what I’ve written before, which has been more r’n’b-like«.

'Gjorde Det' will drop on April 30 via W.A.S. Entertainment. EP is set to be released in fall 21.