Junior Brown on ‘Som Det Var’

On May 14 Danish pop aficionado Junior Brown will release the second single ‘Som Det Var’ (‘As It Was') from his forthcoming debut Ep dropping fall 2021. Det song is a breezy, groovy song about missing something and the way it used to be, and you can read Junior Brown’s thoughts about the track in the interview below.

What inspired you to write the track?

»I was inspired by the feeling you get, when you look back on something and wish that things could go back to the way they were. But at the same time, you know that you have to accept things as they are. I remember we were in the studio and got overwhelmed by this feeling. I think it came to us because of lock down, and we were desperate for things to get back to normal. Instead of singing about that exact situation it made sense for me to turn that feeling into a love song. It is about the point in a relationship where you know it’s going to end, but you still have a hope that everything can go back to the way it was before. At some point you just have to come to your senses and accept that things are the way they are«.

What do you hope the listener will receive from this track?

»I hope that the listener will vibe with the track and want to listen to it everywhere; A warm spring night out on your balcony, biking through the city, or even in the waiting room at your doctor – anywhere! I just hope that people will vibe with it. The song should also remind you that it is okay to look back and long for things to be as they were before – but in the end you have to reach some sort of acceptance«.

How is the track connected with the rest of your project?

»The production made by Malthe Seierup and Oscar Elmholt, who co-wrote the track with me, fits the funky/groovy sound mixed with something acoustic that characterizes most of the songs on this project«.

‘Som Det Var’ will be released on May 14 through W.A.S. Entertainment and is the second single from Junior's debut EP (set to be released on September 17).