Kamma about "Heartbroken"

On March 26, Kamma will release the song "Heartbroken" - the second single from her upcoming debut EP, written and produced in collaboration with Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes, Psyched Up Janis). Read more about the thoughts behind the song in this interview with the talented singer.

Photo: Cover art for "Heartbroken".

What inspired you to make the track?

»Heartbroken is a very special song to me. In my opinion it’s the best song I’ve written so far. On my upcoming EP, ‘Momentary Emotions’, it represents the heartache that has been particularly consistent in the last few years.

I wrote the song one day when I played some random chords on the piano. I let myself get carried away by the undefined and calm mood of not being busy, not having to reach certain goals. It’s a pretty different way of writing songs than what I’m used to.

Pieces of the melody had been lying around in my mind for a couple of weeks. The words I chose for the melody originates from my ideas about death that I think about from time to time. We are all going to die but I know that not everyone thinks about that fact like I do. I think death can be terrifying. But it’s also a reality that I’ve had to relate to for large parts of my life. When you live close to someone who is chronically ill, your understanding of death becomes close-knit to them. You know, also as a young person, that you are going to lose them one day. And I wanted to express those feelings through words and music. It’s something that many people live with and think about every single day, and it can only become natural to us if we talk about it.«

What do you wish the listener should take away from the track?

»The lyrics in Heartbroken express some feelings that, to me, are difficult to talk about with other people. With time I’ve come across many people who have lost someone they loved and many people who have been close to illness and death. This song is for them.

In the chorus I sing, “I think of Pretty Flowers for your grave/ when I see you smile/ I think about all of those decisions/ You made in this long life”. There is a duality in the lyrics – a seriousness in the fact that you already are aware that a person you love is going to die and therefore imagining a future where you have to buy pretty flowers for their grave. There is a seriousness and an astonishment about how long yet incredibly short a life can feel like. All those thoughts, emotions, and big decisions the person who is going to die has to relate to. The understanding of the fact that you too have to leave this earth someday. And the considerations that in the moment seem so important and completely crucial all at once turn into a second on a lifelong journey. After death comes grief and the feeling of eternal loss that you have to carry with you forever. But at the same time I think there is something beautiful in thinking about looking after a grave, exerting yourself, and taking care of the memory that the loved one leaves behind. Even though your heart gets crushed in grief, we have to be present and talk openly about death and the journeys of grief that we all have to experience – in different shapes – sometime.

In the two verses the feeling is light and easy to me. When I wrote my verse I thought a lot about the dreams I have where I think about my mom who is very ill and soon is going to die. In a way she exists in my head somewhere that isn't physical – in some sort of dreamland. And there we can hold hands and feel each other’s warmth. I want to talk about that state of dreams and what happens when you see the person who is dying and know that they soon will leave this earth. Knowing that you soon will stand by their grave with the pretty flowers.«

How is the track connected with the rest of your project?

»My project is about standing up for your feelings and setting boundaries. ‘Heartbroken’ helps me with putting lyrics to thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express in exact words. These feelings were finally set free when they were made into lyrics. The melody set free the words so that they could dance above the heavier beat. To me it shows the contrast between the heavy stuff (death) and the lighter stuff (the dreamland). To me Kamma is a character that was born from my many hours of daydreaming, and I find a lot of inspiration in dreams – both those at night and the ones I have during the day. The track is a beautiful fusion of the rock elements and the beautiful melodic synth universe that creates space for the pop melody.

I presented the track for my producer Sune Rose Wagner and he liked the atmosphere and the lyrics and wanted to join me on the song. To me, Sune’s verse gives the track a feeling of floating above the stamping drums and the sea of synthesizers. It is about meeting the person you miss and think about, seeing their face, and feeling their warm hand in yours. About the contact you miss so intensely when they aren't here anymore.«

Is there anything else you want to point out about the track?

»I think the composition and the dynamic in the track come together beautifully. I’m always fond of the fact that you can both shed heavy tears and dance away your emotions to my songs. I definitely think ‘Heartbroken’ creates space for both things. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I’m singing a duet with Sune Rose, and I’m very happy that he could see the qualities in this particular song that I’m very proud of myself.«