Kamma on ‘Good Daughter’

On November 26th Kamma will release the first single ‘Good Daughter’ from her forthcoming debut album. The single is about setting boundaries and acknowledging your own worth. Feelings Kamma herself has been struggling with for a long time, and now finally has found the courage to speak up about. Read more about ‘Good Daughter’ in this interview.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

What has inspired you to write ‘Good Daughter’?

»When I started writing new songs for my debut album, I wanted to challenge myself and write about something that I have been ashamed of for a long time – my personal story about my battle with low self esteem. As a child and teenager, I struggled a lot with low self esteem and it wasn’t until within the last 2-3 years, I noticed a real change in my self perception where I actually started to feel like I was worthy of love«.

»Basically I know that my low self esteem comes from the environment I grew up in. In our home, we had a lot of dysfunctional dynamics, and one of them was my father’s way of speaking to me. He would always find ways to make me feel worthless, he would comment on the way I was talking, walking, laughing or just my appearance. I never doubted that he loved me, but at the same time, I knew I had to work hard for his love – because if I accidentally went against his beliefs, I knew he would comment on it or laugh at me… It made me nervous, vulnerable, scared and made me feel so captured. My father wasn't able to see how it affected me that he talked about me and other people the way he did. For him it was easier to criticize than express admiration, respect or love«.

What do you hope that the listener will gain from the song?

»My message with the song is that we should talk out loud about the feelings and thoughts that come from struggling with low self esteem. This song is about setting boundaries with people who make you feel worthless and like you aren’t good enough. Everyone has the right to set those boundaries. No matter where you are in the process of getting better, I hope that my song can contribute with a little bit of strength, comfort and create some recognition. Everybody deserves to realise that they are very important and deserves acknowledgement and love for their feelings, needs and for who they are«.

»I also want to focus on the fact that, as a young girl and woman, it can be very difficult to feel like you belong in this world, where traditional masculine values such as not expressing your feelings and needs, still are very dominant in society. Regardless of gender, age, sexuality, background ect., everyone has the right to describe and express their feelings and needs – and be respected for them. Hopefully we’re moving towards a world, where masculinity of course also can be associated with tenderness, vulnerability, love and tears, just as much as femininity can – entirely without shame or judgement. A world where it isn’t wrong to feel the way we do«.

How is the song related to your new project? And how is it different from ‘Momentary Emotions’?

»The song was one of the first ones I wrote after ‘Momentary Emotions’. The songs on the EP all describe a certain feeling and revolve around my grief from having a very ill mother. ‘Good Daughter’ focuses on themes that have been very influential in my life concurrently with the process of dealing with my mother’s illness. The production is inspired by both rock and hyper pop, and I’ve challenged myself with vocals that are way more playful alongside even more emotional details on the recordings of ‘Momentary Emotions’. The song and production opens up a new chapter in my life as an artist, where I explore different sides of myself as a songwriter, vocalist and an artist who has grown and found an inner peace after years of fighting for freedom«.

Is there anything special that you want to highlight with the song?

»In collaboration with my producer Malthe Seierup, this catchy song has evolved from a traumatic time in my life and it makes me so happy and proud that I can turn something that has been my worst enemy for so many years into something empowering and thereby show how far I’ve come today. I also really hope that the listener can feel the lyrics, the vibe and the message in the song and at the same time recognise themselves in some way – that’s the most important«.

‘Good Daughter’ will be released on November 26th through W.A.S. Entertainment.