Kejser: Having strong feelings is a strength to me

Foto: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

Kejser writes epic pop songs that invite the listener to be contemplative and happy-go-locky-euphoric at once. On June 8th he will release his single ‘Alt I Lys’, which will be the first single from the forthcoming EP ‘Misser’. Get to know the eccentric pop artist here.

Kejser is fascinated by intensities. Whether it be in his love life, his music or something else – you have to feel something. And it has to feel intense.

Behind the name Kejser (meaning emperor) you will find Nicklas Kristoffersen, who was born and raised in Danish town Frederikssund and moved to Copenhagen as a teenager. Kejser makes eccentric pop songs with Danish quirky lyrics that convey both large, strong feelings and tiny details from everyday life.

Before he became the artist he is today, Kejser went down many different roads musically speaking. As a teenager he was into brutal Norwegian black metal, but since then Kejser has been drawn to pop music. And just like heavy metal, pop is a genre that makes room for performativity and over-the-top emotions. For Kejser pop music is also a place where he gets to explore femininity and androgynous elements which are a big part of who he is.

»I’ve always found strength in femininity, whereas being a macho man has felt kind of silly and pretentious to me. Luckily it hasn’t been something I’ve had to rebel against, because it has come pretty naturally to me to be softer and more feminin with the people I’ve surrounded myself with«, Kejser says.

Disney Love Utopia

Kejser’s debut EP ‘Misser’ is a journey into the feelings of loneliness and longing that comes after a break up. However, Kejser does not describe ‘Misser’ as a break-up album – it is an EP that describes the desperation that occurs when you realize that reality can’t meet your expectations to love.

»I think many of the songs are about me having a very idealized image of love. Many people have this full on Disney expectation for a relationship, but in reality that’s not how things work. I’m guilty of it myself, and I have this idea of love, where all the boring everyday stuff simply doesn’t exist«.

Even though Kejser has been through several breakups and had his expectations to love crushed at least 20 times, the expectations and his indomitable believe in Disney love utopia stick with him:

»It can lead to disappointments, but it’s also a strength for me to be able to feel things so strongly. I think a little naivety goes a long way. It is one of my qualities as well as a load. ‘Cause feelings can be deceiving. They can seem like your entire world and become your reality. I’m trying to work on that. I’m learning how to have a more distanced relationship with them so they don’t feel as intense the whole time«.

Kejser will release his debut-EP ‘Misser’ through W.A.S. Entertainment on June 29th.