Kejser on ‘Diskokugler & Balloner’

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

On June 15th Kejser will release the second single from his forthcoming EP ‘Misser’. The single bears the festive title ‘Diskokugler & Balloner’ (Disco balls & Balloons) and it is a song about having high - maybe too high - expectations to love. You can read all about it in this interview.

What inspired you to write the track?

»The track is made from an old text message poem that I wrote for my ex partner. The song is about having very naive expectations when it comes to love. The type of love that many people dream of – the Disney kind of love that sends you off on a cloud; where you don’t notice that your ice cream is melting in your hand, cause you’re too busy smiling and being lost in love. It’s a kind of love that doesn’t really exist. Or, maybe it does. I hope so. But I might be biased from all the American movies I’ve seen… I often paint this idealized image of love when I’m in a relationship«.

What do you hope the listener will take away from the track »I hope the song will make people want to slow dance with their loved ones. It wasn’t the original intention with the song. But slow dancing is totally underrated«.

How is the track connected to the rest of your project? »The track is a good representation of the story of the EP. Feelings like longing and loneliness played a big role when I wrote the music. ‘Discokugler & Balloner’ was one of the first songs I wrote, where I felt that my band and I were really on to something. So I guess you could say that it became one of the most important songs of the EP«.

‘Diskokugler & Balloner’ will be released through W.A.S. Entertainment on June 15th 2021.