lil cat about "rock n roll"

On January 8, 2021, lil cat is ready with the single "rock n roll". Read more about the thoughts behind the song in this interview with the couple behind lil cat, Mads Vadsager and Cathrine van Leeuwen.

What inspired you to write the song?

Mads: "We wrote the song after Cat had been spending time with some of her friends. She told me that she had shown them our demos and that they liked our pop songs better than our rock songs. As I had expected, it only made her want to make even more rock music, and I thought we should write a song about that. In my eyes, Cat is one of the most “rock n roll” people I know. Not so much genre-wise, but in terms of her personality. For example, if I want her to clean up, then the worst thing I can do is ask her to. She is one big revolution."

What do you want a listener to get out of hearing the song?

Cat: "I get such an “I don’t give a fuck” -like feeling when I listen to the song, and I hope the listener gets that too. You feel like doing your own thing, and that you dare to embrace the desire to be cross both in relationships and in friendships. For me, there is a great love in just being yourself and letting others be themselves. It's such a cool feeling when you are allowed to let go a little. I love when Mads laughs at me instead of getting annoyed at me. Then I know I've found the right one."

How does the song relate to your new project?

Mads: "Our intention is not to create a war between pop and rock, because in reality, the song is not so much about genres. For us, the song is more about having the courage to do your own thing in a relationship and being cool with each other's quirks. We are both weirdos, but we love each other for it. While I can sometimes get frustrated with Cat's rebelliousness, this is also what I've fallen in love with and I’m fascinated by. After all, she would be a super boring girlfriend if she was always compliant."

Is there anything else that you think is important to highlight about the song?

Cat: "I think it's important to nurture your “rock n roll”-ness and get crazy once in a while. It’s healthy for both body and soul. Besides, all people are super impossible and obstinate sometimes. I think everyone has an inner rebellious child who just wants to be cross, and that should be allowed and expressed so everything doesn't always become too adult and neat."