lil cat about the single "i wanna die with you (tomato juice)"

On November 13, 2020, lil cat is ready with the single "i wanna die with you (tomato juice)". Read more about the thoughts behind the song in this interview with the couple behind lil cat, Mads Vadsager and Cathrine van Leeuwen.

What inspired you to write the song?

“The song is centered around the fantastic parts about BCS (Boring Couple Syndrome). It’s become quite fashionable to live a fast paced life, and to be “settled” has a very negative connotation to it. It has taken us some time, but we feel that we have reached a point, where we have acknowledged that we enjoy living the very down to earth life as “Mr. and Mrs. Denmark”. We are both habit dependent beings and are in reality probably two old pensioners trapped in a couple of young bodies. That’s why we felt the need to write a tribute to all the boring stuff, which we love about our relationship.”

What do you want a listener to get out of hearing the song?

“Our wish is that the listener rides along with the premise and becomes more inclined to live the life they actually wish to live. We think there are other people, who like us would rather have a good time at home instead of constantly having to go out and re-affirm themselves. To put it simply we have a culture, where you strive towards not being boring and satisfied with what you have. We believe that this song puts an end to this and hopefully the listener will be able to identify with this message."

How does the song relate to lil cat’s universe?

“The song's message is connected with that, which our project generally is centered around. There is something incredibly dull about the “couple’s band”-concept because you inevitably spend a lot of time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But besides being a couple we are each other’s best friends, and we have a lot of fun working together, so despite the prejudices we have decided to do it. It is no secret that we have been a couple for a long time before we started making music together, and one of the reasons has probably also been our own idea about not mixing your relationship and work. We have learned that that's just some bullshit.”

Is there anything else that you think is important to highlight about the song?

“We are really happy with how “cute” the song has turned out to sound. We were pretty conscious about making the production scrappy and minimalistic, because we thought it would suit the story not to pack a lot of massive wild sound in it, but just let it appear really simple (just like our relationship). The song is based on a marimba figurine, which in itself sounds pretty lame, but in the context adds a certain charm that we haven’t been able to let go of. That is why the marimba feels like the perfect instrument to carry the whole song.”