lil cat on ‘camper’

The summer is over, but lil cat is here to cure your late summer blues with a catchy tribute to camping life. ‘camper’ will be released through W.A.S. Entertainment on October 1st, and you can read all about it in this interview.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

What has inspired you to write this track? Have you been out camping this summer? Mads: »On the surface ‘camper’ is about going camping and having a good time, but to us it is also a more general celebration of all kinds of escapism and longing. When we started the lil cat project we were both on sick leave and felt pretty shitty, but we were also longing for travelling and escaping our problems. That turned into a song about camping, ‘cause we are both adventurous, but not very brave..! So no, we haven’t been camping together yet. It was meant as a metaphor for the restlessness we felt when we wrote the song«.

What do you hope the listener will take away from the track?

Cat: »We hope that the listener will allow themselves to dream and imagine a world where you have endless vacation and the obligations and pressure of everyday life are gone. You have to allow yourself that sometimes, ‘cause it puts everything into perspective. Camping to us symbolizes the dream of being able to travel somewhere far away, and still carry yourself and your belongings with you. That makes this song very uplifting to us, and we hope the listener will feel so too«.

How is this song connected to your forthcoming EP? Is there a czech new wave element to being a camper? Mads: »Our next EP is called ‘czech new wave’, because we have this idea that if you were to make a movie about our band, it would have to be an absurd czech new wave movie. I could totally imagine a surreal movie about Cat and me touring the whole world in a beige camper playing sold out stadium concerts. The weird mix of the trivial and the absurd appeals to me a lot«.

Is there something about the track you are especially fond of? Cat: »It might seem a bit weird that we have written a song about camping, but it feels more honest than if we wrote a song about going on adventures in the Gobi desert, to pick an example. Bottom line is that we’re not that cool after all, and that’s completely fine. It’s important to us that we allow ourselves to be both confident and quirky rockstars and boring campers. ‘Cause we are both indeed«.

‘Camper’ will be released on October 1st 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment.