lil cat on ‘i look hot in this dress’

On July 9th, the lo-fi duo lil cat will follow up their debut EP ‘tunes’ with the single ‘i look hot in this dress’. The song is an unworried pop track about wardrobe crises – read more about it in this interview.

What inspired you to make the track?

Cat: »It was actually the very first song we ever made during the first lockdown. We were in a period of time where everything was very serious and I think we needed something to take our minds off of things. The song is about all my wardrobe crises and how unimportant they really are. It’s crazy how the small insignificant things can feel so big when you lose your overview of the big picture. A wardrobe crisis can sometimes feel like a real crisis – which it isn’t, obviously. It’s just clothes.«

What do you wish a listener receives from listening to the track?

Mads: »To me, there’s a delightfully encouraging lightness to the song which I hope the listener will experience as well. I like to listen to encouraging music when I'm sad so that I don’t just end up putting my “Mads is sad”-playlist on repeat. The song isn’t an indication of how we were feeling at the time. It’s more like an indication of how we wanted to feel. Cat experiences just as many wardrobe crises now as she did before we wrote the song so it’s not like it fixed anything. But it’s nice to pretend sometimes.«

How does the song fit into the lil cat universe?

Cat: »Because it was the first song we made together, it became some sort of foundation for the project. We have made a million songs since then that don’t sound anything like ‘i look hot in this dress’. But they are all motivated by a desire to try something new. Kind of like going to a playground. We need to try all the things we didn’t have time for yesterday, and when we start to get bored we just find another playground. That’s why I love this project«.

Anything else you think is important to point out about the track?

Mads: »We made the song in my parents' summer cabin which probably is why it ended up being a quite happy song despite the fact that the whole country was recently locked down. The world was not like it used to, but the summer cabin stood there as if nothing had happened. It had the exact same smell and the same vibe as I remembered and it just gave us an incredible desire. The summer cabin is a place we go to forget the big and small crises and that is why we made that song at that exact time«.

‘i look hot in this dress’ is released via W.A.S. Entertainment on July 9th.