lil cat on ‘red blues’

On August 27th, lil cat are ready with their new single ‘red blues’ which is a song about something as natural as menstruation. In this interview, you can read about how the lo-fi duo came up with the unusual theme and how it just made sense.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

What inspired you to make a song about something as “untraditional” as menstruation?

Cathrine: »The female body is pretty badass for better or for worse. I have always had pretty bad menstruation cramps and been emotionally impacted by my PMS each month without me really realising it. It almost takes me by surprise each time. When I met Mads, I became more aware of it because I genuinely was about to leave him a couple of times where I got caught up in my feelings and didn’t know how to handle it. I also never cared for the fact that there are certain things you shouldn’t mention just because it has something to do with menstruation. That is why Mads and I openly talk about it, and of course we had to write a song about it«

What do you wish the listener receives from listening to the track?

Mads: »Personally, I think it’s pretty weird how some of the most natural things in this world can be pretty tabooed. You have got hormones pumping through your body so it’s very understandable if you’re feeling a little red blues-ish. From my perspective, if you’re hurting and feeling a bit off colour, it should be something you can say even at a family birthday. Just like you would say it if you had just had a wisdom tooth removed or whatever. I obviously hope that songs like this can make people think, “fuck it, of course we should be able to talk about this”«

The song goes: “wonder why I’m loving hating red blues, every time I’m loving hating red blues” – what does that mean?

Cathrine: »Obviously, having to take painkillers to be able to sleep because of cramps is very annoying – I hate that. But it’s also quite fascinating to think about how fucking cool our bodies are. In those times my body is working incredibly hard and I respect that very much. I also tend to treat myself a little extra in the times where it hurts the most. I get some pretty crazy cravings and get obsessed with olives, this particular candy shaped like pandas, and all kinds of weird things. I always try to remind myself to shop for these things beforehand – I think it’s well-deserved«

Anything else you want to point out about the track?

Mads: »I remember clearly when Cat suggested making a song about PMS – It just made so much sense. It obviously plays a part in our relationship because it affects Cat and therefore I also need to relate to it. That is also why it was so cool for me to be a part of this song. It might just seem like a funny idea but to me it actually means a lot that we worked together on this topic«

lil cat are releasing the single ‘red blues’ on August 27th via W.A.S. Entertainment.