Music company We Are Suburban changes name to W.A.S. Entertainment

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The new name will mark the company’s evolution from a one-man management bureau to a full-service music company with a tailored approach towards developing talent.

Since We Are Suburban opened its doors in 2017 a lot has happened. Along with new owners coming on board, the company has evolved, and We Are Suburban has gone from being a one-man management bureau to being a full-service music company, handling management, label, publishing and music communication all from the same office. From August 10, 2020, We Are Suburban will officially change name to W.A.S. Entertainment - a change that both reflects the company’s roots as well as its ambitions.

“The name We Are Suburban came to be because we were in fact suburban - we came from the suburbs. We still do though, and that is why the abbreviation W.A.S. still is relevant. But we have evolved, and today we are all-in on entertainment, and by using it in our name we can show the world, that we dream of creating fantastic experiences - and that we in time wish to encompass more than just music,” says co-owner Mathias Bang Madsen.

For the three owners, that to this day consists of Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese, Hisham Jacob Maroun and Mathias Bang Madsen, the long-term business strategy is important, because if you want to create fantastic experiences, it requires fantastic talent, which is why talent-development is a keyword in W.A.S. Entertainment.

“We work long-term. We are not in it for a quick pay out, we want to see the talent we choose to work with to evolve as much as possible - and that requires us to persistently support the artist’s development and process,” says Hisham Jacob Maroun.

Instead of releasing here and now, the process is to create an individual long term plan for the artist’s development, focusing on specific approaches to support the artist’s development.

“We want to shape the stars and icons of the future, and we do it with tailored approaches that can take the talent to the next level. We are a modern company, and we don’t follow the standard. Instead we offer our talent a many-faceted toolbox, where we use the right tools for the right artists,” tells Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese.

High ambitions and strong values

On the same level as talent development, inclusion is a keyword in W.A.S. Entertainment. To support the artist’s development, it is essential to include the artist in more than just the music, but also in the planning process. But inclusion is also an integral value in the company underlying every partnership.

“We are an inclusive company, and we want to hand the microphone to minorities - and to tell stories that aren’t mainstream, but unique.” says Mathias Bang Madsen.

Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese continues: “Music is so powerful. It can move so much. So I think it is our duty as a cultural entity, to release music that reflects our opinions and values. We are a company that is built on tolerance, a sense of community and inclusion, and those values resonate through the artists that are signed with us.”

If you ask about future dreams and ambitions, the three owners answer in unison. The criteria for success is to fulfill the artists dreams and goals.

“Every artist has their own unique vision when creating music. Our finest mission is to facilitate everything the artist needs to transform their dream into a reality. We are capable of that, because we start our collaborations from ground up. We are involved in everything from the creation and dissemination of the music, to managing strategic and economic aspects of the artists musical career. We have a holistic approach, and we never compromise on quality.”

The name change will enter into force on August 10, 2020, and to celebrate the event W.A.S. Entertainment invites you to their Launch Party at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen on October 8, 2020. The party will be a showcase of the company’s artists, and there will be concerts on both stages of Pumpehuset.