O/RIOH on ‘Money Pt. 1’

Musician, producer and songwriter O/RIOH is releasing the first single, ‘Money Pt. 1’ from her forthcoming album ‘Complex’ on September 10th. ‘Money Pt. 1’ is about the power of capitalism and how O/RIOH sometimes finds herself caught up in its promises of fame and money. Read everything about the song in this interview.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

What inspired you to write this track?

»A few years ago, before we founded Cech Records (O/RIOH’s record company red.) I went on this ‘speed date’ with different gatekeepers from the music industry. Everyone, except maybe one, gave me the same advice: “Focus on making that one hit”. The way I remember the situation today is, that I’m picturing all of them looking identical, like Mr. Smith from The Matrix talking in the same synchronized voice. Pretty creepy. To me that is an image of capitalism and its power in the music industry. How it forces people to be competitive and assimilated. At the same time, the image represents myself and my own relationship with capitalism. I sometimes find myself catering to capitalism’s needs, when I’m looking for approval and success, and yet I HATE everything about it. But a lot more about that in ‘Money Pt. 2’«.

What do you hope the listener will take away from the track?

»I hope the song will make you laugh a bit and feel relatable. I realized after the speed-dating event, that I wasn’t going to spend one more second of my life on stuff like that, ‘cause I had no intention of becoming what they were asking for. This led to me and two others founding the record company Cech Records. Situations like these will keep on coming, and sometimes you find yourself lying on the floor, sobbing in a purple wig, covered in whipped cream, before you realize that capitalism got the best of you and stole your agenda«.

How is the track connected to your new project?

»‘Money Pt. 1’ is the opening track on my forthcoming album ‘Complex’, which contains 15 tracks. The album deals with a bunch of different themes, money for instance, and draws different perspectives on each theme. Like I mentioned earlier, the album contains a song called ‘Money Pt. 2’, and it has a completely different perspective on money. Both perspectives are mine and that’s the whole point of this album. I want to show my own complexity and that there is rarely one truth or one way to feel – and that’s fine«.

Is there anything you want to highlight about track?

»I really like humour and I’ve tried using it a lot on this track. I’m drawn towards humour myself and I like feeling funny. Sometimes it’s easier to embrace your own complexities if you can laugh a little while doing it and maybe give them a little love too. But it has to be balanced. It can be problematic if the humour becomes too much and turns into the notion that you always have to be able to laugh at yourself. It’s an agenda that is used a lot in comedy, and I really don’t want to go there«.

‘Money Pt. 1’ will be released through W.A.S. Entertainment on september 10th, 2021.