Rebecca Lou lets in vulnerability to her hard-edged rock universe: »I’m still an angry bitch, but..«

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Anger has been a healing force but also a source of exhaustion for Rebecca Lou. On October 27th she will release her next album ‘Heavy Metal Feelings’, which shows a much more open and vulnerable side to the devil-may-care musician.

Photo: Tue Blichfeldt

You might have heard of Rebecca Lou as an uncompromising diehard rock musician. One who would throw on a leather jacket, turn up the volume, yell “Bitch You Look Good”, and not give a shit. And she still exists.

But the anger and the hard-edged punk attitude that dominated her first two albums ‘Skeletons’ and ‘Bleed’ is now accompanied by the naivety of pop and the heartfelt sadness known from grand power ballads. And on her upcoming album Rebecca Lou sounds more genuine and vulnerable than ever before.

»The gap between the music and my personality has become even smaller. Not to say that rock isn’t me – it totally is. But this is me in a new light«, she says. »To me rock is not only a genre. It’s a lifestyle too. Rock is about how you express yourself, how you stay true to who you are, and doing what the fuck you want. These things still define my new songs«.

Growing up Rebecca was often deemed ‘too wild’ or ‘too loud’ and it led her to feel that her personality and temper was something to be tamed. The feeling of not fitting in stayed with her through the teenage years where she began playing music. She hated the macho culture that dominated rock and at the same time she didn’t fit female stereotypes. But instead of making herself smaller she kept insisting on being as loud and taking up as much space as she wanted.

»Anger and aggression have helped me a lot, ‘cause they became a drive that forced me to stand up for myself. I’m still an angry bitch. However… I’m also exhausted from being so angry. I think anger has been a coping mechanism that helped me avoid being vulnerable. I thought that vulnerability was a sign of weakness that people could use against me«.

Doom pop with no filter

Just before the Corona pandemic Rebecca had her heart broken and it made it impossible for her to keep vulnerability out of the picture. The process of making the new album became a process of healing, and she grew comfortable with writing and singing with no filter. It gave Rebecca Lou the courage to let softer pop elements into her songs. Guitars and heavy doom bass still lay the foundation but the lyrics of loss, survival, and love are lifted up by playful, catchy melodies.

»I love a good melody, I love the joy and the grandiosity of pop. That’s what pop music is to me. When I’m in a bad mood I tend to listen to pop. When I’m in a good mood I listen to hardcore heavy metal. To me pop music is like an anti depression pill«.

The delicate nuances of Rebecca Lou’s new songs will give you the courage to yell, to cry and inspire you to reach out when life becomes too hard. As she puts it:

»Showing vulnerability is a massive strength. There is so much authenticity in being yourself and showing people your trauma. I think that’s one of the most badass things you can do.«

Rebecca Lou will release her next album 'Heavy Metal Feelings' on October 27th through W.A.S. Entertainment.