Rebecca Lou on ‘Bad Heart’

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Photo cred: Tue Blichfeldt

On August 19th Rebecca Lou will release the third single from her forthcoming album ‘Heavy Metal Feelings’, that sets fire to all your emotions with it’s fierce doom pop songs. That also applies to the up beat single ‘Bad Heart’, and you can read all about it in this interview.

What inspired you to write the track?

»’Bad Heart’ is about saying no to someone or something and protecting your own energy from what isn’t good for you. It’s about saying no to people who won't accept your boundaries or listen to you and your needs«.

What do you hope the listener will receive from the track?

»To me this track became a reclaiming of all the things I had given to a particular relationship that ended up being bad for me. My time, my energy and my trust. Writing ‘Bad Heart’ was my way of taking it all back. It meant a great deal to me«.

How is the song connected to the rest of your project?

»‘Bad Heart’ is an anti pleaser song and the new record is about breaking old habits and relations. ‘Bad Heart’ conveys that message strongly and it’s one of the songs on the album that encourages you to say no and just scream WHATEVER from the top of your longues.«

Is there anything you want to highlight from the track?

»I love the heavy bass line that you can hear throughout the track, and I love the chimes in the bridge. The reverb is beautiful.«

Rebecca Lou is releasing ‘Bad Heart’ through W.A.S. Entertainment (DK) on August 19th 2021.