Rebecca Lou on 'DREAMGRRRL'

On March 11th Rebecca Lou will release the single ‘DREAMGRRRL’ – a fun and upbeat continuation of the pop rock universe from her latest album ‘Heavy Metal Feelings’. The song is about the ultimate girlcrush and the complete fascination of another human. Read more about ‘DREAMGRRRL’ in the interview below.

What has been your inspiration behind ‘DREAMGRRRL’?

»DREAMGRRRL is about my ultimate girlcrush. The fascination of another human, who makes your heart beat faster, makes the butterflies in your stomach go wild, and how it makes you a little more crazy, when you think about this person.«

»Love inspires me so much in my music. The platonic, romantic as well as the joy of life-ish kind, and I am a person, who easily falls in love with many different things. I love to crush and daydream, hopelessly and wild. It is the sweetest ‘high’ I know.«

How is ‘DREAMGRRRL’ an extension of your latest album ‘Heavy Metal Feelings’?

»‘DREAMGRRRL’ is the continuation into the rock universe, and this time the guitar is in full on power mode. It is a song about ‘queerlove punches to the stomach’ and great power party vibes.«

Can one expect to hear ‘DREAMGRRRLl’ on your following tour?

»Yes, we are going to rock ‘DREAMGRRRL’ on my DK tour, and I am really excited to play the song for you. This song gives me so much energy, and I hope that the audience can taste the same love for themselves and others, when they listen to the song.«

‘DREAMGRRRL’ will be released on March 11th.