Rebecca Lou on ‘Lovesick’

On May 4th, 2021, rock rebel Rebecca Lou will release the first single from her upcoming album ‘Heavy Metal Feelings’. ‘Lovesick’ is an upbeat powerful love anthem with a pretty peculiar background story. Read more about ‘Lovesick’ in the interview below.

What inspired you to make the track?

»The inspiration for ‘Lovesick’ came after I met my friend’s tarantula Jenny. I thought she was so adorable and creepy cute, that I started daydreaming about her becoming a real human being and how we would fall in love and the whole world would turn into a big thunderstorm of pure romance. That’s why the chorus goes “Jenny come alive, all your colours make me high”. It was a very weird and funny way to kick-start the track thematically, and I ended up sticking with it, because I thought it was funny.«

What do you wish the listener should take away from the track?

»‘Lovesick’ is a song that should make you happy and make you wanna let go of all your worries. I hope that it will allow the listener to get lost in a universe full of lightning bolts, thunder and ecstatic love vibes.«

How is the track connected to the rest of your project?

»This track is definitely more playful and bright, musically speaking, than some of my old stuff. The production and the melody is more pop-ish, fun, upbeat and definitely less sad.«

Is there anything else from the track you would like to highlight?

»‘Lovesick’ is a song that should make you forget about everyday life and all that is painful for a moment. Allow yourself to daydream about a different world for a while! We could all need that.«

'Lovesick' is out on May 4 via W.A.S. Entertainment (DK) and Killing Moon (UK).